Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It's My Blogiversary!

I can't believe it has been four years already!

I have enjoyed blogging and being a part of the genealogical community.

You may have noticed that I have slowed down a bit. I have been concentrating more on researching than blogging as well as participating in well, you know, everyday life.

Right now I am working on the yearly family calendars. I expect to be blogging more after those are done. I have a lot of wills to transcribe and share!

Leslie Ann

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday's Tip ~ Don't Count Your Ancestors Before They're Hatched

Boy, did I make a rookie mistake. You may remember (or not) a post I did about Thomas Day. I thought he was the grandfather of my 10th great-grandfather Edmund Woodgreene, but it turns out that he is actually the father of Edmund's daughter-in-law.

Thanks to correspondence with a Day family researcher, I realized that I made the wrong connections with the Woodgreene families.

The following excerpt from Thomas Day's will, written the 16th day of January 1662 is what led me to the Woodgreene/Day connection:
It[e]m I doe will and give unto my daughter Elizabeth Woodgreene, during the terme of her naturall life, my two Tenem[en]t[es], w[i]th backside, garden and appurten[au]nc[es] thereunto belonging, scituate and being in the p[ar]ishe of St James the Apostle in Dovor, late Gourlyes,
And after the decease of my said daughter Elizabeth I doe will and give the same to my Grandchild Thomas Woodgreen and his heires for ever,
And I doe will and give to my Grandchildren Edmond Woodgreene, Thomas Woodgreene, Elizabeth Woodgreene, Susan Woodgreene, Isaac Woodgreene, and Mary Woodgreene, the su[m]me of fortie shillings a peece, to be paid by my Executo[ur] and imployed by him for their best benefitt till they severally come to the age of twenty one yeares or day of marriage, w[hi]ch shall first happen.

If I would have paid a little more attention instead of jumping the gun, I would have known that Thomas wasn't referring to my Edmund because he was way over 21 in 1662! He was actually referring to my Edmund's grandson named Edmond.

Now I am trying to solve my Woodgreene line. In trying to solidify the children named in my Edmund's will, I can only find probable children listed with a father named Edward Woodgreene in the parish records. Could Edward be a variant for Edmund?

Hopefully I can make the right connections without too many headaches.

Leslie Ann

Friday, November 1, 2013


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