Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Trip To Idaho

Took this picture of a plane identical to the one I was
sitting on that took me to Pocatello.
Last September hubby gave me a plane ticket for my birthday to go visit my family in Idaho. I left Nov 5, and came back last Saturday.

Like most trips it wasn't long enough (I could have handled 2 more days away from hubby; maybe). And like some trips there were bad moments as well as good.

My last day there I woke up with some cursed bug that kept me in the bathroom most of the day!  My sister drives up from Las Vegas to see me and all I can do is be a miserable good for nothing!  So I didn't make it to the cemetery like I wanted to.

Two days after I got home I received a text from sister...and I quote...."You suck!! Now I'm sick w/stomach flu!"  Found out that I got it from my daughter.  So we shared laughter, hugs, memories, and yuckiness.

Got to see all the grandkids but one.  Is there a group for grandparents who are kept out of their grandchildren's lives?  I need to find one.

While I was there I went through boxes of photos, newspaper clippings and other ephemera. I also scavenged around in mom's cedar chest as well as mine (I sure wish I could get that down here).  I even found a box of letters that dad wrote to mom while he was in college.  Who knew that he was once one of those smart ass alec partying college kids?

Of course I had my magic wand with me.  I scanned over 100 images so I should have some good posting material.  I talked ma into letting me bring the photos home though so I could scan directly to the computer. I promised I would send them back.  I also ran around the house taking photos of all the family treasures.  Unfortunately the only scenery picture I got was the snow in ma's backyard.

And....it looks like I missed my 2nd blogoversary. Oh well.


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