Monday, March 29, 2010

Ancestor Badge

I wanted to find a way to let my fellow genealogy bloggers know how much I appreciate and enjoy their blogs full of tips and tricks as well as funny and heartwarming stories so I came up with this little award.

As a recipient of this award I ask that you list ten things you have learned about any of your ancestors that has surprised, humbled, or enlightened you and pass it along to ten other bloggers who you feel are doing their ancestors proud.

P.S. Don't forget to let them know that you have awarded them.

Here are the first ten bloggers to receive this award:

  1. Luckie at Our Georgia Roots
  2. Tom at Geneabloggers
  3. Caroline at Family Stories
  4. Dionne at Finding Josephine
  5. Vickie at BeNotForgot
  6. Reconnected Roots
  7. FootnoteMaven
  8. Renate at Into The Light
  9. Diane at CanadaGenealogy, or, Jane's Your Aunt
  10. Elyse's Genealogy Blog


  1. Thanks, Leslie Ann. This is my first genealogy award. I'm honored!

  2. Leslie Ann, your idea has taken over the blogs and what a great idea too. I received the Ancestor Approved Award from Hummer at Branching Out Through the Years. It has taken a bit to find you, the originator of the Award and I just wanted to thank you for your idea. Come visit me at Those Who Went Before

  3. Thanks for originating this award Leslie Ann. I follow your other blog(s), but not this one. I need to get added.

  4. Thank you and your welcome Jo and Lindalee! It is always nice to be appreciated.

  5. Hi Leslie Ann, Lisa of honored me with the Ancestor Approved award and I want to thank you for originating this fun recognition. It's been great to discover so many talented bloggers posting about their families by following the award around the web. Talk about viral! You're making a difference. Best, Marian

  6. While you have been thanked above, it occurred to me, I don't think anyone has yet given you the award.

    Congratulations, your site is Ancestor Approved.

    You don't have to pass it on to ten more people, but now you get a chance to share ten things that have surprised, humbled, or enlightened.

  7. A SUPER idea...



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