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Friend of Friends Friday - Rhode Island General Court of Trials 1679 - 1696

The following transcriptions are from the book Rhode Island General Court of Trials 1671-1704, by Jane Fletcher Fiske.

At a Generll Court of Tryalls Held in his Majesties Name at Newport the 22th of October 1679:

[49/51]Upon Indictment by the Genrl Solicetor, against Peter Pylatt a Negro, servant to Christopher Holder of Newport for Asaulting Battering and Ravishing Elizabeth the daughter of said Holder: The said said Peter bing called for and brought into the Court: his Indictment to him Read and he demanded off whither Guilty or not Guilty pleads not Guilty and Referrs himselfe for Tryall to God and the Cuntry.

 Phillip Smith forman    Jerem Browne
 James Man               John Paine
 John Rogers             Henry Tew
 John Crandall           Christopher Almy
 Charles Macarta         John Cooke
 Edwd Thurston jur       John Bennitt

Verdict: guilty: The Court accept the Verdict.
The Courts sentance. That according to law he the said Peter Pylatt Negro shall suffer Death And that he shall from hence be carried to the Goall and there safely secured untill monday next which will be the tenth day of this instant month Novembr, and from the Goale on the said 10th day about two or three of the Clock after noone to be carried to the place of Execution the Gallos, and there to be hangd by the neck untill he be dead Dead. (pg 90)

At the Genrl Court of Tryalls held in his Majestys Name At Newport the 29th of March 1681:

Upon Indictment by the Genrl Aturney against Thomas Joanes of Newport for being an abetter or Reciever of a firkin of Butter ffelloniously taken by a Negro Called Rutter Servant to Mrs Layouge: said Joanes being a prissoner, and brought into Court, his charge to him Read and he askt whether Guilty or not Guilty. Ownes Guilty: the Court doe sentance the said Thomas Joanes to pay the sum of Twenty shillings in mony to the Genrl treasury or soe much in his Service as the Authorety of this Collony shall see cause to Order: and aloe pay Officers ffees (pg 103)

At the Genrl Court of Tryalls held in his Majestys Name At Newport the 28th of March 1682:

On Indictment by the Genrl Solicetor against John Joanes of KingsTowne for ffornication with Maria a Negro woman servant to Mr Richard Smith, he being bound in a Bond of forty pounds for his appearance at this Court, and in Court Called noe appearance. The Court declare his bonds fforfitt. (pg 112)

At the Genrl Court of Tryalls held in his Majestys Name At Newport the 27th of March 1683:

Whereas Samuell Gardner and John Booth Negro, as privateers have been some time past, by the Authorety of this Collony secured, and there not appeareing any persons to accuse the said parties, This Court Court [sic] doe Confine them on their perrill not to depart this Collony dureing the full time of one yeare from the time of their first Imprissonment. (pg 118)

At the Genrl Court of Tryalls held in his Majestys Name At Newport the 25th of March 

Forasmuch as Mallato Tom servant to Thomas Gould hathe been charged and it appears that he layd voyolent hands on James Hasleton Cunstable. This Court doe sentance him forthwith to be sett in the Stocks, in the Town of Newport and there to Remain dureing the Courts Pleasure. (pg 127)

At a Genrll Court of Tryalls held for the Collony At Newport the 31st day of March 1696

Mary Bason An Indian squaw being Charged by Joseph Hicks of Ports-mouth for fellony & shee oning guilty & sd it was by Instagation of John burdens Negro Jack & mad it so Appear the sd Jack is Sentanced to be wipt on his Naked back with thirty nine Stripes & pay officers fees. (pg 180)

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