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Amanuensis Monday - Will of Henry Allen, Clothworker

Today I decided that I would share the will that I just finished transcribing for Amanuensis Monday.

The reason I ordered this will is to help prove and document that my 10th great-grandfather George Allen, immigrant ancestor who arrived in Massachusetts Bay Colony on 6 May 1635 from England, was not the same George Allen who married Katherine Starkes (Slarkes) November 5, 1624, at All Hallows Church in London.

There are many genealogies and postings that claim the following marriage license is that of our George:

Guildhall, All Hallows Honey Lane, Composite register: baptisms 1538 - 1697, marriages 1546 - 1656, 1664 - 1666, burials 1538 - 1666/7, 1538 - 1697, P69/ALH3/A/A/01/Ms 5022 London, England, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812 [database on-line].

This George is the brother mentioned in the following will of Henry Allen, clothworker of St. Michael Parish, Queenhithe, London, England which was probated June of 1640.
Will of Henrici Allen
  1. Memorandum that on or about the tenth day of April Anno Domini
  2. One thousand Six Hundred forty Henry Allen of ye parish of St. Michael in
  3. Queenehithe London clothworker beinge of perfect mind & memory though sicke in body
  4. did make and declare his last will & testament Nuncupitive or by word of mouth in
  5. manner & form followinge or to the like effect Item appoynted his body to be buried
  6. in the charnell of the parish Church of St. Michael Queenehithe above said And his
  7. worldly goods & Estate be disposed as followeth Item first he gave & bequeathed all
  8. that his customary or coppy hold tenement & ye barnes stables Gardens banksides
  9. & nyne Acres of Lands with the______ there unto belonginge _______ lyeing and
  10. beinge within ye parish of Denham in ye county of Bucks holder of ye mannor of
  11. Denham in the county of Bucks there in ye ________ compound of Thomas __________
  12. and he the said Henry Allen bought & purchased of William Codman deceased unto ye
  13. six children of his sister Susan Willmott ye wife of Edmund A. Willmott. Item
  14. William, Edmund, Richard, George, Susan & Ann Willmott and to their heirs
  15. and assigns forever and he willed and appoynted that ye said Edmund Willmott
  16. and Susan his wife their father & mother should from ye tyme of his decease receive
  17. ye Rents and profitte of ye said tenement & Lands to & for ye use of their said children.
  18. And to be by them employed for theire best benefitt & advantage until they should attaine
  19. their severall & respective ages of one & Twenty years for the better raisinge of pounds
  20. for them. And ye said Testator then declared that he _______ (if it should please god
  21. to permitt him) to surrender his said tenement & lands to the use of his said will to the
  22. end ye same might owe to ye said children according to his said intente & bequest Item
  23. he ye said testator did recind & forgive unto his brother George Allen (unto whome he
  24. ________ his said tenement and landes would come by the custome of ye mannor whereof
  25. they are holden in case he should not live to surrender the same to the use of his said will)
  26. All such debts and somes of mony as he should owe unto him the said testator at the tyme
  27. of his decease by bond specialty or otherwise howsoever upon _______ only & soe as his said
  28. brother George Allen ____ his said Tenement and land should fall unto him for want of such
  29. surrender to be made by the said Testator as aforesaid Doe and shall surrender the same
  30. Tenement & Lands to ye use of his said sisters children & their heirs according his
  31. __ist bequest thereof made to them as above said and in case his said Brother upon
  32. request to him in that behalfe made should refuse to surrender the same as aforesaid.
  33. Then he gave and bequeathed to his said sisters children equally to be divided amongst
  34. them all such debts & somes of money wch his said Brother George Allen should owe
  35. unto him at his decease And in that case he wills his Executrix should doe her best
  36. indeavor to recover ye said debts for ye said children by course of lawe so soone as
  37. possible she could. Item he gave & bequeathed to his cosen Joseph Usher sonne of his
  38. late sister Joane all that his lease estate interest & terms of yeares to come of in ___
  39. ye shopp & warehouse in Townesend Lane within ye parrish of St. Michael in
  40. Queenhithe in London aforesaid wch he bough[t] of William Graves for a certaine time
  41. of years Then & yet inducting at the Rent of a pepper corne or so upon ________ &
  42. so as he the said Joseph should within six monthes next after decease of him the
  43. said Testator pay unto his ye said testators brother John Allen ye some of Twenty
  44. & six pounds of Lawfull mony of England wch if the said Joseph shall not
  45. accordingly pay then ye said testator willed & appoynted that ye said lease & interest
  46. should come & be to his Executrix she paying ye said Twenty & Six pounds to his
  47. said brother John Allen wch if she refused to doe then he gave ye same lease and in
  48. interest to him the said John Allen his Brother to make the best thereof for his own
  49. benefitt & use Item ye said testator gave and bequeathed to ye poor of the parish of St.
  50. Michael Queenehithe aforesaid ye some of Ten pounds to be paid within one month
  51. next after his decease to be distributed unto & amongst ye same poore where most
  52. needs should bee accordinge to ye disecions of ye Churchwardens & Sidemen of ye said parish
  53. Item he gave to Mr. Bill Parson of ye said parish Three pounds for his serman to bee
  54. preached at his burial & he gave to Mr. Glover Curate of ye said parish Twenty Shillings.
  55. The rest and residue of all and singuler his leases plate moneyes debts goods chattelles
  56. what soever after his debts and legacies aforesaid & his funerall expenses were paid & discharged
  57. lawfully and wholly gave and bequeathed unto Susan Allen his wife whome he made and now
  58. instituted the full & sole executrix of his said last Will and Testament and ye said Testator being
  59. then of good and perfect memorie did give directions and instructions to have his said will
  60. _______ ________ in all perticulers as is above expressed or to ye very like effect there beinge then
  61. present ______ & well observinge ye ______ _______ Glover Curat _______ sancti (?)
  62. Michaelis ad______ Reginalem (?) Alexander C______ Senr /

There will be more about the Allens in another post.  If you are researching the Allens, Willmotts, or Ushers of Queenhithe, please contact me. Thanks.


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