Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Joseph Buck and George Green - What is their Connection?

I have been unsuccessful in trying to find a connection between Joseph Buck and George Green. That is, besides the fact that they were both framework knitters, luddites, and George was a witness to 4th great-grandpa Joe's marriage to Lydia Pilkington in 1801.

Thanks to cousin Dean for this.
 I guess they were just chums. Best buds. Co-workers.  Hold the phone!  I just stumbled onto something that might shed some light on old George.  I found this very interesting article at Trove about a court case, Wilson v Sturgeon, concerning some of George's property.  It seems that he didn't leave a will.
The Hobart Town Daily,
Tuesday, 14 June, 1859

 You will have to click on the image to read it.

It looks like poor George was a hunchback!  The article mentions some family members so now I will have to do more searching.  And I was just about ready to give up!

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