Friday, July 8, 2011

Obtaining Documents From the U.K

I did it! I was finally able to purchase online documents from The National Archives!

If you read Genealogy Lessons Learned the Hard Way, you probably noticed my frustration in accomplishing this goal.

And if you're anything like me, you WILL NOT purchase anything online with your bankcard. I usually use the Vanilla Visa Gift for this purpose.  But guess what, it is only valid in the United States.  I didn't know what to do.  I really NEEDED these documents (not like I was jonesin' or anything) to help climb over a brick wall. 

So I went back to the Dollar General and looked through all their gift cards and such.  I was thinking about getting their re-loadable debit card, but their system was down and I couldn't have purchased it anyway.  The clerk was kind enough to tell me that the Travel Centers of America up the street had cards, so off I went.

Jackpot! I found the perfect card. A Visa Gift card offered by nFinanSe, accepted anywhere in the world that takes Visa.

So I purchased a two page Will for William Pickett (the Lord Mayor's father), and an eight page Will for Ralph Prentice.  I also got carried away and purchased a two page Will for a William Pratten who may or may not be the one mentioned in Ralph's Will as being his nephew.

I dare say I have a lot of transcribing to do.


  1. It will be exciting to read what you find in all these documents. Congratulations on the successful purchase.

  2. Jackpot! Thanks for sharing~ that's a really great idea. I wish you luck in the transcribing process. Very exciting news!



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