Thursday, March 13, 2014

Those Places Thursday ~ Kent County, England

 Lately I have had this fascination with Kent County in England, especially the seaports. I have been doing some research on the Tiddeman and Woodgreene families from Dover which are maternal ancestors, but it wasn't till just recently that I realized some of my paternal ancestors were also from Dover. Then it dawned on me that I had better just see how many ancestors I had from Kent. That's when I decided to see just what exactly I could do with my RootsMagic 6 program.

 So I ran what is called a "Who Was There List". I have no idea why I never ran one of these before. The list showed me the names of any ancestor who had an event that took place in Kent County.

I saw the expected surnames, but I was also surprised by a few. I mean, I knew the Bordens were from Headcorn, but my mind's eye didn't place Headcorn in Kent! Mom and dad's ancestors could have been in a Dover pub sharing a brew together! Ya never know, stranger things have happened.

My most recent ancestor from Kent is my 2nd great-grandmother Matilda Louisa Kelsey. She was born 1832 in Dover. My earliest ancestor from Kent was Thomas Fowle who was born abt. 1477 in Marden and died 1514 in Frittenden.

The Kent surnames from dad's side are:
  • LONG
  • MOON
  • PAIN
  • ROOF
From mom's side:
  • WING
 Also for the first time ever I created a map using Google Maps. If you click on the pins in the above map, you will see the description of each pin. If you have never made a map and would like to, follow this tutorial. This can be a great tool for family history research.

And if you haven't noticed I have the widget in the sidebar, I have created a Flipboard magazine called Kent County, England....Home to Many Ancestors.

So guess what newly discovered tools I will be using more!

Leslie Ann

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