Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Wow -- I have been awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award! Thanks so much to Sheri Bush at Twig Talk for this honor! The winner of this award is supposed to list seven things about themselves and then pass the award along to seven other bloggers.

Here goes, seven things about me ==>

  1. I am addicted to genealogy (I admit it).
  2. No computer on the weekends. This is hubby time.
  3. Just became a first time homeowner!
  4. I am an Idaho girl and I miss the mountains.
  5. I have five grandchildren and one on the way.
  6. I collect cow salt and pepper shakers.
  7. I crochet afghans and baby blankets.
My seven choices to receive the Kreativ Blogger Award are ==>
  1. Bayside Blog
  3. Conversations of Ancestors Past
  4. the Family Curator
  5. A Light that Shines Again
  6. Cherry Tea Time
  7. Crowe's Nest


  1. Congratulations, Leslie Ann, and thanks for sharing -- it's an honor! I see in your surname list that you have a BARKER line -- so do I -- mine is in Maine. Thanks again! Vickie in Texas

  2. Thank you and congratulations on earning it yourself! What good company we are in!

  3. Thanks, Leslie Ann, for reading and appreciating my A light that shines again blog about my Massachusetts Irish ancestors. I see that you are off to a good start blogging about your own ancestry. Keep writing!

    100 Years in America
    Small-leaved Shamrock
    A light that shines again
    Carnival of Irish Heritage & Culture



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