Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Madness -- Mislabeled Photos

Boy, have I got some Monday madness going on today! Saturday I received a long awaited box of letters, postcards, photos, etc., that belonged to my great-grandma Piggott. Among these "family history treasures" was a photo of a woman labeled "Oliver Cowdery Bake" on the back. Now I know she is not Oliver! Oliver is my 2nd great-grand uncle.

I know this woman is related, there is a strong family resemblance, she looks like one of my aunts. I was hoping to recruit some opinions and help in trying to identify her. I think it is possible that this might actually be a photo of great grandma Piggott when she was younger, or it could be her mother.

If you could look at the photos below and tell me what you think, I would greatly appreciate it.

UPDATE: The mystery relative now has a name! It is Sarah Ronella "Roie" Madsen, sister of Hazel and daughter of Rebecca.


  1. Leslie Ann

    To me the most common feature is the nose - it is very evident in my review of the photos. Also, I notice the eyes of Hazel and Rebecca are very similar which makes sense - they tend to drop down on the outside.

    Finally, I see similarities in the mouth of Rebecca and the Mystery Relative.

  2. My vote is for your great-grandmother when she was younger.



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