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Friend of Friends Friday -- Hubby's Virginia Lines

This week for Friend of Friends Friday I am posting slave information from hubby's side.  Most are from Virginia.

John Adams (?-1769)

Will of John ADAMS, on file in Book O, page 270, Halifax County, VA .....Item my sone (sic) William one Negro boy named Harry and 400 acres of land where he now lives. my sone (sic) John Addams one Negro boy named Ben & 300 acres of Land joyning (sic) my sone (sic) William that I bought of Peter Trible I give George Adams one hundred acres the said tract on the North Side of the Creek. my son Joshua Addams a Negro boy named Peter and the land and Plantation on Sandy Creek whereon I did Dwell. Daughter Elizabeth Addams one Negro Girl Sarah. Item my Daughter Mary Addams one Negro Girl named Fillis. my Daughter Martha one Negro girl named Hannah and Negro Jonah (?) I desire shall be sold and what she fetches to be Equally divided amongst all my Children and all my moveable estate to be divided by three good house keepers amongst all my Children Before signed I leave all my estate to my Wife Elener Addams during her widowhood and after her marriage all to return to my children as I have before mentioned. I leave my wife my whole and sole Executor. Witness my hand and seal this 2nd day of March 1769. John Addams, L.S., sealed and acknowledged in presence of Benjamin Dickson, Joshua Powell, Mark Milner, Edward Cornwil It was acknowledged in Court by Joshua Powell and Benjamin Dickson who also volunteered to serve as sureties for Eleanor's administration of the estate.
Recorded 21 Sept. 1769
Johan Michael  Price (1718-1802)

His will, on record at the Montgomery County, Virginia court
house, is here quoted in its entirety:

"I, J. Michael Price of the county of Montgomery and State of
Virginia being of sound and perfect mind and memory, do make and ordain this my last will and testament, in form following, I will and bequeath my soul to God, and my body to the earth to be buried in a decent and Christian like manner at the direction of my executors herein named, and as to such worldly estate wherewith I have been blessed in this life. I will and dispose of the same as follows, vis. It is my will and desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses be first paid out of my personal estate or so much thereof as may be necessary for that purpose and I order the same accordingly. I give to my son David one Negro Woman Slave, Nell, he paying therefore to my
executors the sum of Two hundred dollars, I give to my son Michael, a small Negro girl Lindyzey, he paying therefore to my executors the sum of fifty dollars, and to my son Lewis or Sodowick? [CIT:]Lewis is believed to be a twin to John[:CIT], My big Bible. I give to my son Jacob a Negro Boy Slave, Will, he paying therefore to my executors the sum of one hundred and thirty three dollars, thirty three cents. Also my house clock, still and slitting utensils, including a large copper kettle, he paying therefore to my executors the sum of one hundreddollars, likewise my blacksmith's tools he paying to my son Christian in lieu thereof the sum of sixteen pounds.
I give to my son Henry a Negro Woman Slave Clary and her increase now in his possession also my iron stove. He paying therefore to my executors the sum of two hundred and seventy dollars.
I give to my son George the Big Wagon and Jack Screw, with out the harness or ____, he paying therefore to my executors the sum of sixteen pounds to them severally and their heirs forever and should it happen that any of the Negroes aforesaid should die, be emancipated or kept out of the estate, then and in that case, I will and order that the price of such slaves or slaves be rewilled to such of my said sons or sons as by chance he lose the gain. It is my will and desire that in case my wife Margaret should survive me that she have and enjoy her bed and bedding, spinning wheel and other household furniture during her natural life also one full and equal third part in addition to the aforesaid bequest of all my estate, that I may die seized of her comfort and support but should she marry after my decease, she is to have and receive from my estate no more than a child's part, and I will and devise the same accordingly and whereas there may be some of my real estate not disposed of and personal estate not herein before devised. I order that such part or parcel of any such remain, and the money in the hands of my executors, and all moneys which may come into their hands, by virtue of this my will, be equally divided among all my children and their legal representative alone (my son Alexander excepted) and I devise the same accordingly. And for the due exception of this my will I appoint my worthy friend and Neighbor James Patton Preston and my sons David and Henry my whole and sole executors. Hereby revoking and making void all former wills by me made, declaring this only to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I here unto set my hand and seal this 11th day of June in the year of our Lord 1802." The will was Signed, Sealed and acknowledged before Abram Trigg and John Gardner.

"A codicle to my last will and testament above written made and subscribed this ninth day of July eighteen hundred and two. Whereas from my present infirmity I am impressed with the opinion that I shall not recover, I have thought proper, (in justice to my wife Margaret to alter the devise to my sone Michael, be it therefore understood that it is my will and thereby my devise that my wife shall have and ___ during her natural life, my Negro Girl named Lizie, and she shall afterwards as is herefore devised. But my executors shall not demand from my son Michael the sum which by my will he is to pay until the same Negro Slave Lizie shall be delivered to him by some one of my executors. In testimony wherewith I have herewith set my hand and seal this day and date above mentioned in the presence of John Gardiner and James P. Preston." (Signed) J. Michael Price.
This will was probated by Charles Taylor at Montgomery October Court 1802.

Henry David Price (1759-1834)

  I Henry D. Price of the County of Montgomery and state of Virginia
being indisposed in body and noting that is is appointed for all men
once to die and being in sound mind and memory do make and ordain this as my last will and testament revoking all others by me made.  First I give my Body to the dust from whence it was taken in full afsurance of it being raised at the last day, to be buried in a decent manner at the discretion of my executors.  And as for my wordly substance wherewith it hath pleased God to give me I bequeath it in manner and form following viz.  All my funeral expenses and Just debts to be paid first out of my estate.  Item, To my well beloved wife Mary Price I bequeath the dwelling house that I now live in during her natural life, two feather beds and furniture and all the cooking utensils that she may think proper to keep and everything in the house that is not hereafter specified and devised otherwise and my son John Price out of what I bequeath and leave unto him is to provide my wife Mary (his mother) yearly and every year during her life ten bushels of good wheat, ten bushels of rye, thirty bushels of good corn, and one hundred and fifty pounds of port and fifty pounds of beef, and to keep for her one milch cow, to sow one half bushel flax seed for her, and find her ten pounds good wool and to pay her ten dollars in money or in anything that she may require in the store. These things are to be given her yearly as she requires them by my son John Price and it is my request that my Executors see that it is punctually performed if she complains to them respecting the same and likewise he is to find her as much as she requires to use of turnips, potatoes, and apples.  I bequeath unto her likewise her spinning wheel and one cow her choice out of my stock, all things that are bequeathed unto her (except what is hereafter described and bequeathed otherwise) she may give and bequeath unto whoever she thinks proper at her decease. Item, Unto my son David Price I bequeath unto him and his heirs forever the tract of land whereon he now lives the division line between him and my son John begins at the old road at a large white oak corner to the old tract and runs on to the Index at the forks of Peppers and Brown road bearly a straight line and then with Walls land round that land to the beginning and he has to pay sixty dollars which sum I have received from him.
   Item, Unto my son Henry Price I bequeath unto him and his heirs
forever the tract of land whereon he now lives.  That I purchased from Philip Harlefs on Toms Creek and he is to pay unto my estate two hundred dollars, one hundred of which I have received from him and therefore he has only one hundred to pay unto my estate.
   Item, Unto my son Christian Price I bequeath unto him and his heirs forever the tract of land whereon he now lives the division line between his tract and my son John begins at a white oak in the field close to the line between Alexander Price's deed land and mine and runs down straight to the spring in the edge of the meadow the spring to be on John's side and runs through tence up the meadow to a crofe fence at the ten acre field and thence up the fence side to the ten
acre field to the brierfield and thence up the brierfield to a locust and mulberry trees and from thence to a blaxed black oak on the side of a Big road and from thence twenty five poles west to a gum on same side of the big road and from thence on a straight line to the southeast corner of my son Adam Price's first cleared new ground and then with said fence and the (can't read) said fence (can't read) my son Henry Price's line of the land he purchased from Wall and my said son christian Price is to pay unto my daughter Sally Price one hundred collars two years after my decease or sooner if he can and likewise he is to pay yearly to my wife May Price ten dollars during her life.
   Item, Unto my son Adam Price I bequeeath unto him and his heirs
forever the tract of land he now lives on the division land between his tract and my son John begins on my son Christian Price's line on the big road that leads to Peppers Ferry and runs with said road to the Index at the forks of the road and round by Snider's line and to my son Henry's land that he purchased from wall until it come to where my son christian's line joins Henry's land except that my son Adam Price is to give unto my son christian Price the timber of ten acres of land wherever he agrees to afsiat my son Christian in repairing his old field fencing as he is a little scarce of timber on his tract and this my son Christian is to get in the course of five or six years fromthis time.
   Item, unto my son John Price I bequeath unto him and his heirs
forever the old tract whereon I now live the division line being mentioned in the bequest to my sons David, Christian and Adam and he is to find and pay unto his other all that is mentioned unto her and
he must not infringe on her right of the house during her life without her consent and he must keep the house in good repair for her to keep her comfortable and find her a sufficiency of fire wood.  I bequeath likewise unto him one bed and furniture and two cows.
   Item, Unto my daughter Sally Price I bequeath unto her two feather beds and furniture or whatever she now has or claims a spinning wheel, three cows, five sheep, three hogs, and a horse beast worth seventy dollars, her side saddle and bridle, this with the one hundred dollars that my son Christian Price is to pay to her.  I bequeath to her and her heirs forever.
   My negro man Ben I desire and bind my four sons jointly to support
him comfortably during his life or if he make choice of any of them to live with I am willing and allow them to have him and his sorrel horse that he now has and claims I bequeath unto him to afsist in his support.  And further the one hundred acres of land or more whatsoever it is called the sugar bottom tract with all my property not bequeathed otherwise or devised I wish to be sold at publick sals by my executors on a credit of twelve months and equally divided between my daughters Elizabeth Harlefs, Katherine Shell, Sally Price (and my daughter Polly Server da'd) children namely Sally Harlefs, Peggy Surface, Mary Harlefs, Betsey Harlefs, James Server and Nancy Server, these children of hers I allow to have her one part.  I require my executors to keep my daughter Katharine Shell's part in their own hands and to give to no other person but herself for the benefit of her and her children and I prohibit her husband Jacob Shell from having any claim or anything to do with it in any wise.
   I bequeath unto my son John Price during my wife's natural life two
horses named Bull and Tom to afsist him in farming to support his mother and for her to ride when she thinks proper.  I likewise bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Harlefs ten dollars to purchase her a saddle besises his part already mentioned to her.  And if my daughter Sally and my granddaughter SAlly Harlefs wishes to remain and live with my wife Mary I allow them to be maintained by my son John they afsisting him as they can or as formerly done and pay attention to my wife Mary.
   And lastly I do constitute and appoint my beloved sons Henry Price and Adam Price Executors of this my last will and testament and I enjoin it on them to see that their part is religiously observed and in particular with respect to my wife Mary.  In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my and and affixed my seal this 3rd day of June in the year of our Lord 1829.
his mark
Signed sealed and delivered
in presence of
William S. Price
Edward Bane
Henry Snider
John Sniders
Devis M. Bennet

There is a Benjamin Price living with Adam Price, the son of the above Henry David, in the 1870 census.  This Benjamin may be a descendant of "Negro man Ben" mentioned in the will above.

Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Blacksburg, Montgomery, Virginia; Roll  M593_1664; Page: 89A; Image: 182; Family History Library Film: 553163.

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