Friday, April 29, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy - Pets

My very first pet was a goldfish, actually two goldfish.  I think one of them I named Spot cause he had a little white spot on him.  They swam in this cool rectangular fish tank.  The rim had a bubble design on it.  Sure wish I still had it.

One of my babysitters overfed poor spot and his swimming buddy so that next morning they began their journey through the sewer system of Pocatello, Idaho.
We never had another fish after that.  Daddy seemed to think I just couldn't take care of another one. I kept telling him it wasn't my fault, it was the babysitter's!

We wanted a cat so bad for the longest time.  We were at my uncle Darrell's in Montpelier one summer day in 1972.  Their cat had kittens a few weeks earlier and aunt Vella said we could have one, but it was hard to talk dad into it.  The cats had the run of the place and dad said if we could catch one, we could keep it.  Looking back now, he was probably thinking that we couldn't catch one.  Well, sister caught one in the middle of pile of fire wood.  Meet Princess:

Poor Princess didn't live too long.  One day mom started the car and heard a funny noise.  When she lifted the hood, out popped Princess.  Not a pretty sight.  I think I cried for a couple of days.  I can just imagine how poor mom felt.

A couple of years later we got Jinxie:

Poor little guy had pink eye when this photo was taken. We had him for a while.  We ended up having to put him to sleep, but for some reason I can't remember why.

Then we had T.J.

We named him T.J after mom and dad, Tom and Joyce.

Then came Missy.

She had a batch of kittens and we ended up keeping one of them.  His name was Tony.

The first pet I had when I got married the first time was Sammy.

She was the best ferret. One day I heard noises in the kitchen and I happened to be sitting on the floor. I was crawling on my hands and knees to peek around into the kitchen and at the same time Sammy was coming around the corner.  We both screamed after being startled.  It was hilarious! We gave her away after the baby was born.

Then later when the kids were older each one had their own pet rat. Monster Rat, Gyro and I can't remember the other one's name.  It was a night mare after we found out that one of them was a girl:

It took me a while, but I finally got rid of all the babies.

After I got divorced I had 3 pets; Ginger the ferret, a goldfish, and  Snickers the dog.

Before hubby and I got married he gave me an aquarium full of fish for our first Christmas together. We had to leave them in Idaho with mom.  She took care of them for a while, but they have now found their way to the Pocatello sewer system.

Our first dog named Max.

He had an accident with a car.  He is buried on the hillside at grandpa Marve's in Inkom, Idaho.

In 2001 we got Missy from the animal shelter:

We almost lost her once.  She escaped mom's backyard when I was at work and was run over by a car.  When hubby found her she was lying on the sidewalk with a sheet over her.  They said she was dead.  Hubby uncovered her and started talking to her and she opened her eyes. He insisted they get her in a hospital RFN! It took two or three weeks, but she finally healed and came all the way to Florida with us.

Well there you have it, my life in pets.

Thanks to Amy Coffin at We Tree for coming up with this series.

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  1. You probably have the most variety of pets of anyone I've seen! The ferret looks really interesting. I still say EEWWW on the rats though!



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