Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Do Ya Know - Hubby and I are Both Kin to Ashley Judd

So did you watch Who Do You Think You Are? last week with Ashley Judd?

If you know Geni like I do, you know that they post a link to the profile of each week's star on their blog as Profile of the Day. Just for fun I like to go on over there and check it out to see if hubby or I are related.  This is the path that I found:

Of course I had to double check it to make sure it was accurate.  My database only went as far as Willoughby Skipwith.  While doing some googling I stumbled onto this Slovak Yankee blog post and discovered that my Skipwith line goes back to royalty. Not only that, I discovered that I actually have an ancestor that was a doctor through this line. The following paragraph is from page 178 of The Roll of the Royal College of Physicians of London: 1518 to 1700 By Royal College of Physicians of London, William Munk, G. H. Brown.  If you click on the paragraph, it will take you to the page on Google books.

Dr. Saunders is my 11th great-grandfather.

I also discovered that I am not actually related to Ashley Judd through this line. My 10th great-grandfather Willoughby Skipwith, Esq. was actually the son of Anne Portington, not Anne Hussey.

However, I did eventually find a connection to Ashley Judd.  She is my actually my 12th cousin twice removed from the Brewster line.

Here is hubby's connection:

So my friends, it is well worth your time to go check out Geni Profiles of the Day. Even an error can lead you to a wealth of information.

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  1. I believe that I am distantly related to Ashley Judd through my Brewster line. So we could possibly be related.



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