Monday, April 25, 2011

Amanuensis Monday - 1955 Letter to Hazel Piggott

This week for Amanuensis Monday I am reaching into the second batch of grandma Hazel's ephemera goodies.

She received this letter from her cousin Elizabeth Sarah Bake Jones. The letter suggests that she went by "Lizzie".  There is no date on this particular letter, but it was in an envelope with another letter that was written by Lizzie in Feb of 1955.

Dear Hazel:-
Rec'd your nice letter some time ago
but have never had a minute to write.
this last couple of months. James has been
very seriously sick with heart trouble and
asthma, was in the hospital 15 days under
oxygen, then been right down since, so I
have no time for anything but to care for him
he is still very bad and I am not a bit well
myself, can hardly keep going some days.
     I want to thank you for the nice hankie
you sent me, sure appreciated getting it.
Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly, but
seems the Bakes don't live to be very old, they
all seem to have weak hearts.
   Uncle Dave Bake died in Mar. 1906. but I don't
know his exact birth date, but he was in his
early thirties, had never married, died of pneumonia
and I thot from the way my father always talked
that uncle Orson died with he was a boy
but maybe I got the wrong impression.
We are having a cold winter over here, a real
blizzard tonite and quite a lot of snow.
I'll be glad when spring comes again.
I must close for now. will write yo
a long letter when I can get time
Hope your family is well.
          Love, Cousin Lizzie

Mabel was down today. she isn't feeling very
well since caring for her invalid boy so
many years. she does lots of crocheting
and sewing. my older sister (Annie) has
palsy and arthritis. she is nearly an invalid
I feel so sorry for her.

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