Friday, July 13, 2012

Sharing Family Treasures

I have found a new Piggott cousin! Actually, she found me. Yeah!  I happen to have a couple of postcards that were written by her grandmother so I am going to send them to her. But I want to share them here first.  These postcards were written by Leonora Cannon Piggott Hess who is my great-grandaunt.

This first one is postmarked in Randolph, Utah Feb 1900.  It is addressed to Miss Alice Piggott who is her sister.

Dear Alice ---
Everything is
all Ok. Am glad
to you father
is better
     Love from

Aunt Alice was still living at home at this time so I am guessing that aunt Nora was thanking her for taking care of their father.  He suffered from  diabetes mellitus which later turned into Bright's Disease.

This second postcard is written to my great-great-grandmother, Elizabeth Cannon Piggott.  It is postmarked in Georgetown, Idaho Feb 1909 and addressed to Mrs. E. C. Piggott, Bloomington, Idaho.

Dear Mother, I rec'd
your letter will answer
later. I was sick all
day yesterday with the
grippe, but feel better
today. Hope Pa is better.
You must think some
of yourself and not work
yourself to death. Love to
all. Lovingly, Nora

In case you are like me and had no idea what the "grippe" was, will tell you.

Leslie Ann

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