Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday's Obituary -- Mrs. Denton Miller

A couple of weeks ago I received a couple of death notices that I ordered from the Michigan City Library.

Michigan City Evening Dispatch, 30 July 1887, page 4, col. 4. 
Mrs. Denton Miller was the second wife of my kids' 4th great-grandfather, Jacob Denton Miller.  There isn't really much to this obituary, but I did learn some new information, like where she died, where and when she was buried, and the married name of one of her daughters.

Michigan City News, 14 October 1903, page 5, col. 3.  
Mrs. Catherine Griffin is the 3rd great grand aunt of my children. The only new information I learned here is the date of burial and that she was living with one of her daughters.

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