Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -- Mystery Ancestor on Tintype

Who is she?


  1. Hey Leslie ~ Great picture! So, what else can you tell us about her, anything? I know that with many of my "mystery" pictures I can usually identify at least a general location. (based on what part of the family it came down from)

  2. This tintype was among my aunt's loose photos that we went through when I was back in Idaho last May. It was not labeled and my aunt doesn't know who it is. I think she looks like the fellow standing on the left in this photo =>

    So I am thinking it could be his mother (I have got a few photos of her and different stages of her life, and she has many faces.) or one of his grandmothers,one I have a photo of, the other I don't.

    I think I will do another post later and show all photos side by side.



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