Monday, September 27, 2010

AMANUENSIS MONDAY - 1945 Letter to Blanche Piggott from Adelia Scofield

Among the scans that I received from Daniell was this letter written to my grandma Piggott just after the death of my grandpa.  It is from her sister Adelia Scofield after returning home from being at her side.

Our darling Blanche & family
    We arrived O.K, and Cornell
& Florine were waiting in Idaho Falls
for us. It is a good thing that I came
back or I probably would have lost
my job, for I have been off so much.
I thot of you all day and hoped you
would be able to stand it alone, and
how I wish that I could have stayed
by your side for at least a month for
you need someone, we are praying
for you constantly that you will
have strength to bear this. How did
the baby sleep last night, I hope
she didn't keep you awake all
  Verda told me that she would
stay with you as much as she
could & with Von too, you will
not be left alone
  I talked with Mrs. Willifred who
lost her husband and was left with 4
children. She said that you will have
to go to the office of public welfare
in Montpelier or Paris, I don't know
where it is if Madsen paid
Social Security tax, which he did
you will be eligible for 9.50
per child, and then the State
will give you so much. Now they
allowed her $25 a month as a payment
on her home until that is paid
for. They evidently make out a
budget for you & if you have

a garden they deduct $35 a year
from what you get. She said
the County commissioners pass
their approval on what will
be given to you, so if you apply
while this is fresh on their
memory you will probably get
more than if you wait. Tell them
about your farm & that it will
probably take what it brings in
to pay for it. If you mention your
Life Insurance tell them it will
take all of it to make you free
from debt. So Blanch get your
self a new washer, bed & chest of
drawers & a bath room, when you
can for now will be your only chance
and you can pay the funeral

expense & the Govm't off, and
get the things you need. Your
living will come alright.
  I wont have time for more now
tell the folks I'll write to them
later, I am doing this in the store.
  Now these are wild ideas of
mine. Maybe they aren't any good. But
the idea is that the more they discover
you have the more they will deduct
from your monthly allowance and you
need a few things in your home, and
maybe you can get them with your Insurance.
           Our love to you all and God
bless & comfort you all.

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  1. Wonderful letter. I love the warmth, the bluntness and the insight into their lives at such a difficult time. Thanks so much for posting this.



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