Monday, October 11, 2010

Amanuensis Monday - Will of John Bidkyn

Thanks to a random act of genealogy kindness by Mary Wooldridge about three months ago, I have copies of two wills from my Bidkin ancestors.  The first is the will of Robert Bidkyn, my 11th great-grandfather and I am still working on transcribing it.  The second one is that of his son John Bidkyn, his son and my 10th great-grand uncle.

John Bidkyn's will was easier to transcribe so I am going to present it here. (There are a couple of words I couldn't make out, which are blank lines.)

In the name of God Amen this seventh day of October
Anno Dm 1631 I John Bidkyn of Elstowe in the 
countie of Bedds Shepherd sick in bodie but of 
sound and perfect memorie thanks be to god - 
therefore doe make this my last will & -
testament in maner & forme followinge 
first I give & bequeth my soule into 
the hands of almighti god my hevenly father 
in Jesus Christ & my bodie to the earth 
from whence it came Item I give unto my - 
godchildren to each of them 12 pence Item I give 
John Kelly varnisher of Elstowe 2 Shilings Item I give 
unto Ann my lovinge wife my house in Elstowe 
where in I live & three halfe acres of arable 
land thereto belonginge during her naturall 
lyfe to her & her heirs forever Item - 
all my goods & chattels whatsoever I give 
& bequeath unto the said Ann my lovinge 
wife & doe make her my Executrix of 
this my last will and I desire my lovinge 
neighbor Mathewe Dymnock to be the overseer 
of this my will and doe give him for his payment 
therein 2 Shillings J_______ whereof I have hearunto 
set my hand & seale the daye & yeare 
above written 

signed sealed delivered by the said John Bidkyn 
as his last will & testament after the
rasing out of this word (halfe) in the fourteenth lyne
& these words (duringe her naturall lyfe) in the
Fiveteenth & sixteenth lynes in the pnce
Of Math. Dymock Signn E Edmond; Signn John X
Marston _______ Cranfielde                       

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